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PHS boys basketball: Kenan Conner

PHS senior Kenan Conner shoots a jumpshot Tuesday night at Stayton.


Coverage of Philomath High's basketball teams took me to Stayton High School tonight. Unfortunately for the Warriors, it was not a whole lot of fun with both teams losing in what was their Oregon West Conference openers.

Stayton High had a pretty affordable concession stand with $2 hot dogs and $1 cans of soda pop. Although it's not exactly on the healthy foods menu that I keep tucked away in the corner of my mind (you know, the types of food that I should be eating), sometimes you have to just curb hunger in the middle of covering a doubleheader and eat whatever is available. It's a plus when it comes down to being a little friendlier on my wallet.

Speaking of wallets, parents must spend a fortune going to all of these ballgames. And if you have a mom and dad with a couple of kids, that could really impact the checkbook. I remember one time, a parent mentioning to me how much it costs to watch his son come off the bench to play two minutes in a junior varsity game. It's great to support your children in athletics and I'm sure the schools need this income to pay the bills, but man, I bet it's a little difficult to swallow in those situations.

Myself, I get into games with an Oregon School Activities Association media pass to provide coverage for the newspaper. Earlier this month while heading into PHS to cover a wresting meet, the admission volunteer kidded around with me about paying to get in. My gosh, I can't imagine how that might impact the newspaper's budget if we had to pay to provide coverage. With the number of events I cover, I bet it would approach $1,000 a year.


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