On more than one occasion today, I mentioned to the subjects of my interviews that I wish they had things like this when I was in high school (which was well into the last century). I believe we made a trip to the state capitol and a few museums. But nothing that paired up students with professionals from a particular industry.

Those thoughts crossed my mind while I was covering the Healthcare Exploration Fair at Lebanon Community Hospital, which is part of Samaritan Health Services. I know the hospital well — I was there 16 months ago for a pulmonary embolism and just last month for the birth of my son. Heck, my wife and I even stop by on occasion for a slice of pie at the hospital's commissary.

It looked like a great educational opportunity for our students, along with those that were in attendance from seven other high schools. The students rotated through eight different stations over an eight-hour period, each session lasting 30 minutes.

The areas offered included: therapy, physician, college fair, medical assisting, laboratory, EMT/paramedic, imaging and nursing.

Some of the students at the event already know they want to go into health care and the event only further piqued their interest. Others are undecided about the future but were exposed to options that they might not have entertained. On the surface, it looked like a pretty cool opportunity.