Pac-12 bowl projections

2012-11-26T06:00:00Z 2012-11-26T10:55:59Z Pac-12 bowl projectionsBy CLIFF KIRKPATRICK, Corvallis Gazette-Times Corvallis Gazette Times

The Pac-12 championship game still plays a big role in how the bowl selections go.

However, it's a lot clearer view now that the regular season is over. Check my power rankings from Sunday for how I see the conference.

Here are my bowl picks and why.

Rose Bowl: The winner of the Pac-12 title game goes here. My pick is Stanford. The Cardinal dominated UCLA on Saturday and get a rematch at home. Stanford is just better.

Other BCS game: Oregon is in somewhere. The Fiesta Bowl is the most likely destination.

Alamo Bowl: If Stanford wins the Pac-12 title game then it's a pick between UCLA and Oregon State, and the Beavers are favored. Even though UCLA won the South, the Beavers beat them head-to-head and the Bruins will have lost two straight.

If UCLA wins the Pac-12 title game, Stanford will be an easy pick here as the North champ and having beat the Beavers.

Holiday Bowl: If the Beavers go to the Alamo Bowl, UCLA slots here. If Stanford goes to the Alamo Bowl, OSU goes here. It's pretty cut-and-dry. So the Pac-12 title game will crucial for the Beavers and they are not in the game.

Sun Bowl: The Sun Bowl wants ratings and with USC available the Trojans go here. It's not often they are available for these middle bowls.

Las Vegas Bowl: Washington is be the best option for Sin City.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Arizona State's win over Arizona in the Territorial Cup moved the Sun Devils into this game.

New Mexico Bowl: Arizona fills out the Pac-12's bowl allotment.

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  1. CliffKirkpatrick Staff
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    CliffKirkpatrick - November 26, 2012 9:39 pm
    The bowls create their matchups. Pac-12 gets bowls that allows for its teams to have fans travel to them. The Gator Bowl would not be a good Pac-12 bowl.

    The opposition in the bowls come from across the country. They won't travel well. So many of the lower bowls have MWC conference team. The upper bowls are middle to lower ACC/Big 12 teams.

    Many of those teams are good. The Pac-12 needs to win those games for perception. The Alamo and Holiday will have good Big 12 teams in the bowl.
  2. OSUSupporter
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    OSUSupporter - November 26, 2012 6:18 pm
    Cliff, if we go to the Holiday Bowl, I understand we will likely play Texas Tech, the 6th place Big 12 team. I think this is a weak matchup, and while on one hand we will be heavily favored I'm sure, it is an embarrassment to face such a poor, NON ranked foe. While I like to tout Riley's bowl record, some friends of mine point out that wins against New Mexico, a 6-5 Notre Dame squad, Missouri, a 6-6 Maryland team and a 3-0 win over Pittsburgh is not saying much. NikeU may have a worse bowl record but they have played much tougher opponents than we have during that time. Why can't we get a better matchup? Is this the way Scott wants it so the Pac 12 has a better bowl record?
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