Wisconsin football: Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema and his No. 13 Badgers will be the highest-ranked nonconference team to play at Reser Stadium. (Morry Gash | Associated Press)

Morry Gash

The Wisconsin football team is one of those paranoid programs not from the West Coast.

First, there was video-gate, where the Badgers refused to send the scouting video of their first game to the Beavers like agreed upon in the offseason.

The logic was the Beavers didn’t play a game and couldn’t reciprocate with a trade.

OK, but the Beavers still got the video since it is 2012and in the digital age.

It was just strange that Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema went to the Big Ten Conference and asked that all conference teams not let their video out.

Then my co-worker, Kevin Hampton, wanted to know where the Badgers were staying for a note in Saturday’s Game Day edition because Bielema thought it was odd to take a bus an hour into Corvallis.

Obviously, the team is staying in Eugene like every other team that comes to Corvallis. But Wisconsin officials wouldn’t tell us where the team is staying.

How not paranoid are the Beavers? They list where they stay on every road trip on Page 3 of their media guide.

And finally, OSU equipment coordinator Arnold Alcantar got a Wisconsin request for a coffee pot in the coaches’ room. He was stunned because he, and other equipment guys he knows, bring their own coffee pot for the coaches.

Other requests were for a kicking net and other football items. It’s a long trip and all for the Badgers, who don’t travel much, but really?


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