I realize I haven't written for a while. Would it help if I sing my apologies, like Willie Nelson? "Maybe Iiiii didn't hold yoooou ... all those lonely lonely times ... but you were always on my miiiind ..."

Nope. I didn't think so. Frankly, I hate that song anyway, for just that reason. You can smell the insincerity from here. Didn't tell your girl you love her enough, and now you're sorry 'cause she's gone? Too bad, bucko, you snooze, you lose.

But I have been meaning to generate a blog post, if for no other reason than to establish a marker with this new system we have. To the people who tried to look at anything I've written in past blogs, and have not been able to get to them, we're still working on the archive problem. But this new blog, and any blog posts from here on out, you should be able to see just fine. (You're welcome, Mom.)

To be quite truthful, I haven't felt much like posting lately. The recent personnel upheaval has left us all somewhat distracted. I feel particularly badly for my colleagues who are left with the job of filling the daily editorial page and are hearing from readers who don't, shall we say, appreciate their efforts. To paraphrase Steve Lundeberg, it's like bashing the guy who was unlucky enough to be picked for Mickey Mantle's spot in center field. "Boo!" the fans cry. "You're no Mickey Mantle!"

Well ... no. But somebody still has to play center or you might as well call the game over.

So, while I might not have felt much lately like talking about the quirky antics of my two Princesses or the absurdities of daily mid-valley living, I don't want to say, "Game over." So here I am.

Speaking of my mom, she did suggest I share a recent post I put on my Facebook page. It did get some great responses, and it was both funny and work-related. That'll work for an inaugural entree. Here's the post:

"Here's a thought-provoking item from today's cops log. It says, "Male subject at this location is yelling and slamming things around, yelling, "The only way you will stop me is by putting a -"

- and then the page cuts off. Obviously it's fill-in-the-blank day. Have at it!"

Here's a selection of the best responses I received. Feel free to add your own.

"... rose on the night stand."

"... power ballad on the jukebox."

" ... woman in the Oval Office." (OK, I admit it, that one was mine.)

"... tranq dart in a fleshy part."

"... In 'N' Out Burger in Albany." (I didn't write this, but I heartily concur.)

"... hit on the referee who robbed the Packers last night."

"... stop to political advertisements during prime time."

"... -n end to Justin Bieber ringtones." (I wrote that one, too. Apologies to my nieces.)

"... skirt on me and playing polka music."

"... "-n activated iPhone 5 right here in my hands, without having to spend one more second in an AT&T store ever again."

Tough as it may be to be a journalist in the 21st century, I still heartily prefer it to being a police officer.

Like us, they know that you gotta laugh once in a while to keep from crying. And if you can still laugh, you can still say, "Game on."

Jennifer Moody is the education reporter for the Democrat-Herald. She can be reached at 541-6113 or jennifer.moody@lee.net.

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