Oregon State’s men’s basketball team is 0 for 2013 as the Beavers prepare to take on Washington at home in Gill Coliseum on Wednesday night.

That’s right, Beaver Nation, your team is 0-5 in Pac-12 play and is coming off a heartbreaking 69-68 loss to USC on Saturday.

But do you even care?

Is there really that much outcry for the worst start to a conference season in coach Craig Robinson’s five years here?

I posed the question on Twitter during Saturday’s game asking how hot of a seat Robinson would be on if the Beavers started 0-5, especially with the Ducks sitting at 5-0 in Dana Altman’s third year running the show in Eugene.

One response was “if you have the right guy in basketball, you’d know it in the first 2 or 3 years imo. Beaver fans are numb from 23 years of this.”

OK, one vote for apathy.

OK, let’s be honest. The Beavers did have a tough stretch of games to start the Pac-12 campaign.

Still, Robinson has said on several occasions this is the best team since he has been here.

Now, I realize the loss of Angus Brandt is HUGE, and having to play without Eric Moreland three games was also tough to overcome, especially against that brutal early schedule.

But this team hasn’t seemed to play with a sense of urgency at all.

Here is what Robinson said after the loss to the Trojans:

“But when you’re on the road, you have to play well for the entire time. You can’t play well for parts of the game. I thought the first half was OK. We are away from home and they had a little bit of a lead, but that start of the second half is what killed us.”

Robinson was referring to a 7-0 start that put the Trojans up 15.

Here is what I find alarming:

“We came out flat and you can’t win on the road, you can’t win at home if you come out like that after halftime. I was happy to see our fight to come back from that. I was happy to see the execution after that first three minutes when I called that timeout. But it’s not enough. We have to play better. I have to coach better. We have to get better.“

I seem to recall the same thing happening in Gill in the Pac-12 opener against the Ducks.

A close game at the half turns into a big lead for the other team.

Not everyone is apathetic.

Here is part of a comment on our online story from Saturday’s game.

“How much longer can we wait for Robinson to improve as a coach and get excitement back into the program? Our attendance sucks and I’m tired of seeing the Ducks making headlines after only 3 seasons of Altman as HC. I don’t know why some think Robinson is so great ... he has done little to improve after a stellar start to his OSU tenure.”

After Wednesday’s game against the Huskies, who are probably the weakest 4-1 team in the history of the conference, the Beavers play six games against teams under .500 in the conference, including Washington State twice.

It’s time to turn this around or Beaver Nation could be in for an even longer season than it already has been.

Steve Gress is the sports editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times. He can be reached at steve.gress@lee.net.

Sports editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times and Albany Democrat-Herald

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Hard to believe Robinson isn't getting any flack. He is embarrassing to OSU the way he has single handedly kept us in the bottom half of the league year after year. He has NEVER had a winning conference record and now we are 0-5? When are the fans going to rise up and demand Robinson perform? Now he acts like a buffoon on the national stage in OSU garb at the inauguration...for all the world to see. He should have been here trying to figure out how to win games, not acting like a fool in D.C.


At this point the basketball program at OS is horrible and has been for 23 years. The fact that Altman at Oregon can turn around Oregon in 3 years and the OS womans bball coach has turned around the woman's program in just a few years shows that coach Robinson is a very poor coach. I would say fire him but the truth is it would not matter who they hired the program would still suck. The truth of the matter is it is hard to be a Beaver fan when the Ducks own most of the team sports in the state.

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