"...stark and dark...really great laid in the cut approach to each of Weighn Beats compositions and delivers a sinister flow throughout" - D*MN THAT NOISE, Portland, OR

"...will reward you more with repeat listens, as you pick up on all the interesting and subtle nuances hidden throughout...their own weird little niche" - SCRATCHED VINYL, Austin, TX

The Werebear EP by Oso Negro & Weighn (Boise, ID) is a dark and nimble run through rites of adulthood: discovery & independence, choices & consequence, separation from community, and reflection. Weighn's sequenced beats range from spacious and dour to driving and vigorous, but always with overcast tones. Oso's melancholia grows as he travels the arc from wonder to disillusionment, digging deep with lyrics and flows throughout the journey. Werebear features album art by, and a collaboration on "Maniacs" with, underground Bay legend, Z-Man (San Francisco). A funky remix of this collabo by Fresh Kils (Toronto) brings a re-imagined flavor to the track, making it groove in a whole new way from the original.

•Oso Negro Hip-Hop started his emceeing & singing in Mississippi during 2001, with the electro-southern-funk-hip-hop band New Madrid Click, then formed the hip-hop group H-BOMS, and has been making solo moves throughout the western US since 2010. A twist of reggae, a splash of crooning and the ever-present spirit of live music feed this hungry bearʼs desire to mix it up, keep it fun and stimulating. In 2014, he dropped the Unkie O LP, which was included in Radio Boise's "Krush Groove 208"'s top 10 list of the year's releases.

•Ebb One -Growing up in both Northern Colorado and Southern California, but now based out of Eugene Oregon, I have been producing, writing, and recording a nostalgic and energetic brand of hip hop for close to a decade. Over the past 5 years, I took a my passion for film and combined it with my music, creating countless music and promotion videos for myself and peers. This mc is no stranger to stage, I've been performing solo and group (The Architex, Dizzy Feather) material for years. My performance has been described as "Involuntary dance", "constant movement", "infectiously ockward", and "different". Check out some of the links below for videos and music, thanks for your time. - Ebb One

•RxN -Eugene resident Simon Baum, better known by his stage name, RxN (Reaction), is a man equipped with an arsenal of artistic identities including recording artist, engineer, producer, and videographer. Creatively expressive, RxN’s lyricism paints vivid imagery on the canvas of the mind via engaging storytelling and heterogeneous wordplay coalescing into a captivating combination of relatable hip hop, both old school and new school. His sonic-sovereignty doesn’t stop there, but encompasses an array of eclectic styles ranging from classical to EDM (including dubstep and trap).

As with many colleagues in his field, music acts as his means for escape from life’s ailments, trials, and frustrations- the emotional outlet. Much like the legend of the phoenix who rises from the ashes of turmoil to breathe in new life and new beginnings, revealing a true beauty manifested as music. It all began with a just-for-fun cover of the song “Rack City” by Tyga; receiving hundreds of hits and hundreds more compliments, the cover became an unanticipated first step towards emerging as the artist he is today. RxN could certainly be a poster-child for success through perseverance and dedication. As time has honed his skills, his skills have earned him higher-quality gear which, in turn, has yielded superior music and video production.

Recently, RxN secured a place among the final contestants in the MULA Competition hosted by TeamBackPack and has completed his internship for Tyler Johnson, an engineer/producer in North Hollywood, CA. RxN has since been preparing to release his “Cause and Effect” mixtape. 


  • Occurred Friday, December 8th, 2017 @ 10:00 pm – 12:00 am


Bombs Away Cafe

2527 NW Monroe Ave
Corvallis, 97330

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