STANFORD, Calif. -- Zombies stumbled out of the locker room and headed to the buses Saturday night.

The Oregon State football team moved forward, but with little life. The players had no answers to what had just happened.

Stanford shut out the Beavers 38-0. During postgame interviews, coach Mike Riley and the players kept saying they needed to watch the video and correct mistakes out of habit.

Well, there's only one week left to do that with top-ranked Oregon next to end the regular season. A loss to the Ducks and the season is over.

"All we can do is watch film, really, and see what we can do and what went wrong," receiver Aaron Nichols said. "We knew we would have a big challenge here. I thought we had a good game plan coming in. I thought we moved the ball pretty well at points. Penalties killed us. And turnovers were a big issue."

The Beavers weren't expected to beat the Cardinal as 15-point underdogs, but to be beaten so thoroughly shocked them.

Stanford isn't a tricky team, it just does a handful of things really well. Being dominated by a team they match up well against was demoralizing.

"They have a lot of seniors on the team, and they know what they are doing," Riley said. "It's not just the offense, it's the defense. That's a different defense than we played against last year. We didn't get the running game going, and (quarterback Ryan Katz) got hit quite a bit. We missed on protections."

Riley was in emotional damage control after the game during the team meeting, and challenged his players to finish the season strong.

He wants to see if they have the heart to play another complete game.

"We can go two ways," Nichols said. "We can pack it up and go home, or we can fight against the No. 1 team in the nation."

The answer will be determined during the week as the players search to regain their fighting spirit.

"As a team, our heads can't be down," linebacker Dwight Roberson said. "We are looking forward to next week. This game is over. We can't do nothing about it. We have to move on."

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