Who to call in the newsroom about:

General questions and concerns about newspaper policy, coverage, editorials and business: Editor & General Manager Mike McInally, 541-758-9502. E-mail: mike.mcinally@lee.net
Story ideas, questions about letters to the editor, As I see it columns, Good Words: Theresa Novak, city editor/opinion page editor, 541-758-9527. E-mail: theresa.novak@lee.net
Questions about sports coverage: Steve Gress, sports editor: 541-758-9544. E-mail: steve.gress@lee.net
To report results/submit sports news items: Sports Line: 541-758-9512. E-mail: mvsports@lee.net
The E (entertainment, lives events, arts and performances): Sarah Payne, "The E" editor, 541-758-9518. E-mail: Sarah.Payne@lee.net Ben Ricker, "The E" writer and entertainment calendar coordinator, 541-758-9510. E-mail: Benjamin.Ricker@lee.net
Obituaries, calendar items: Jane Stoltz, 541-758-9524. E-mail: jane.stoltz@lee.net.
Online news content: Pamela Sirianni, 541-758-9513, 503-798-8810. E-mail: pam.sirianni@lee.net
Headlines, page layout, placement of content: News editor Paul Davies, 541-758-9511, E-mail: paul.davies@lee.net
Special projects: Investigative reporter Bennett Hall, 541-758-9529. E-mai: bennett.hall@lee.net.

Department Numbers

General Offices 541-753-2641
Circulation Department 541-758-9581
Classified Advertising 541-758-9562
Commercial Printing 541-812-6127
Online Technical Support 541-812-6100
Display Advertising 541-812-6073
Newsroom 541-753-2641
Newspapers in Education 541-758-9549
Sports 541-758-9544

Circulation and Subscriber Services

Please use the numbers below to reach our circulation department. To report a delivery problem, please call or fill out our online delivery concerns form. Click here to subscribe to the Corvallis Gazette Times.

Customer Service 541-758-9581
Jerry Mullins, Home Delivery - Corvallis 541-758-9568 Email Jerry Mullins
Wesley Capulet, Delivery and Operations Manager 541-812-6120 Email Wesley Capulet


Mike McInally, Editor & General Manager 541-758-9502 Email Mike McInally
Andy Cripe, Photographer 541-758-9535 Email Andy Cripe
Bennett Hall, Special Projects Editor 541-758-9529 Email Bennett Hall
Nathan Bruttell, Police and Courts Reporter 541-758-9548 Email Nathan Bruttell
Jesse Sowa, Sports Reporter 541-758-9565 Email Jesse Sowa
Jane Stoltz, News Clerk 541-758-9524 Email Jane Stoltz
Jesse Skoubo, Photographer 541-758-9538 Email Jesse Skoubo
Jim Day, Government Reporter/Copy Editor 541-758-9542 Email Jim Day
Kevin Hampton, Sports Reporter 541-758-9519 Email Kevin Hampton
Pamela Sirianni, Online Editor, Food Editor 541-758-9513 Email Pamela Sirianni
Paul Davies, News Editor 541-758-9511 Email Paul Davies
Anthony Rimel, Education Reporter 541-758-9526 Email Anthony Rimel
Steve Gress, Sports Editor 541-758-9544 Email Steve Gress
Theresa Novak, City, Opinion Editor 541-758-9527 Email Theresa Novak
Sarah Payne, Entertainer Editor 541-758-9518 Email Sarah Payne


Jeff Robischon, Advertising Director 541-812-6074 Email Jeff Robischon


Bill Draper, Director of Operations 541-812-6058 Email Bill Draper

Management Team

Jeff Precourt, Publisher 541-812-6125 Email Jeff Precourt
Mike McInally, Editor & General Manager 541-758-9502 Email Mike McInally
Bill Draper, Director of Operations 541-812-6058 Email Bill Draper
Jeff Robischon, Advertising Director 541-812-6074 Email Jeff Robischon
Lauri Grimes, Regional Controller 360-577-2576 Email Lauri Grimes

Fax Numbers

Accounting 541-926-7209
Classified Advertising 541-758-9570
Creative Services 541-812-6573
Newsroom 541-758-9505
Retail Advertising 541-758-9570