Name: Al “Mushroom” Kapuler

Occupation: “Biologist, artist and peacenik.”

Hometown: “Born in Brooklyn, New York. My hometown is Corvallis for the past 30 years.”

Exhibit: “Strolling Thru Corvallis Town”

Location: Majestic Theatre gallery, 115 SW Second St., Corvallis.

Medium(s): “Acrylic paints on canvas.”

About the exhibit: “The show has 82 paintings of work done from the mid 1990's till now. There are paintings of my family, KOOTS (Karma Of Our TimeS) paintings, tribute paintings of Ken Kesey, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Mountain Girl, Pablo Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, Salvador Dali, The Dalai Lama and others.”

"One of the major sections on display are family portraits and composites of the family i.e. my wife Linda and our three daughters Kusra, Serena and Dylana."

Inspiration: “The great modern artists of the recent 140  years: Picasso, Magritte, Mondrian, Van Gogh, Braque, Duchamp and others.”

"My mother, Sylvia Kapuler, was a docent in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. She was an abstract painter. I have a watercolor by my father of myself at age 4, sitting on the steps of the home of my mother's parents. Art has been an integral part of three generations in our family."

Impact on viewer: “During the past 49 years I have painted more than 1,500 paintings; the ones in this show are an exceptional selection from a life's work. My new avant-garde developments build on the great innovative modern painters appropriate to the times that now impact us.”

Previous Exhibits: “I have had about 25 shows in Corvallis during the past several decades. Most were at Sunnyside Up Cafe, some at the Second Street Beanery, a large one at LaSells Stewart Center, and several other locations including one in San Diego.”

"Fireworks Restaurant has had several shows beginning on (the owner) Ocean's birthday March 6 and lasting for five or six months each."

What should people know: “There is a video about me and my art worth viewing i.e. 'Alan Kapuler ... Scientist, Public Domain Plant Breeder and Modern Artist.' Also, I have a PhD in molecular biology and nucleic acid biochemistry from Rockefeller University.”

“I am still an organic gardener, developer of new flowers and vegetables for the public well-being, cofounder of the national organic seed company Seeds of Change, promoter of biodiversity conservation and kinship gardening and with my wife Linda, cofounder of Peace Seeds. I graduated from Yale University as Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.”


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