When we first moved in, my husband and I did some remodel work ourselves. We updated the kitchen cabinetry, laid marmoleum flooring throughout the house and added several light tubes. We added a bar top at one end but it ended up being too shallow so we rarely used it. Other things that still dissatisfied us were the dining area was really very small allowing barely room for 6 people to sit at the table. The kitchen was too narrow. If one was looking in the refrigerator or had the dishwasher opened, the other could not pass through. The house interior was still dark despite the addition of the light tubes.

As you entered the bedroom, bifold closet doors were on your immediate right. If one was looking in the closet the other one could barely pass by. The bedroom was 14 feet by 10 ½ feet with a master bath at one end that also long and narrow. It had a door for the toilet that in order to close it you had to stand behind the lieu.

The last issue for us was all the windows on the front were so high you could not look outside unless you were standing.

What we had done

The dining room wall was extended 6 feet and a bar top between the dining room and kitchen was added.

The kitchen was extended 3 feet and a pantry was added. A garden window increasing the view and the light into the kitchen was added.

We had three skylights placed in the living room and another one in the kitchen.

A bay window was placed in the office room allowing a view of the front.

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The bedroom was extended 8 feet and the master bathroom was moved to the front of the house. A walk in closet was added and the bedroom has windows that allow us to look out over the back yard.

Lessons learned

The lessons we learned having had two previous renovations done is hire a reliable contractor first and foremost. Working with The Village Builder has been an extremely positive experience. The work crew were quality craftsman. They were thoughtful about the fact that we were still living in the home and vacuumed at the end of each day seeking to keep dust to a minimum. Any issues or concerns that arose, Chuck made it his priority to address them to a good resolution. He kept us informed as to when to expect various subcontractors and was very flexible in allowing us to do some of the work. He is very concerned about the quality of the work, and he is a very caring contractor treating our remodel as if it were his own.

Submissions: Summer’s over and now’s the time to show off all the hard work you put into improving your home. We want to see before and after shots of your kitchen remodel, deck or garden addition or room revamp. We can only use clear before and after photos of high quality. With your submissions, please answer 1) How long the remodel took 2) Names of contractors you recommend 3) Lessons learned 4) What prompted the renovation and 5) Your name and contact information as well the name of any person who’s in the photos. We won’t print your contact information and submissions are subject to editors’ discretion. Please keep answers to fewer than 500 words.

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