More Columbus Day Storm memories

Columbus Day Storm memory: Pat Alden, Lebanon

Columbus Day Storm memory: Pat Alden, Lebanon

Our family was dealing with their own “storm,” leaving us quite unprepared for the adventure of traveling up the I-5 corridor from Medford to Portland during the Columbus Day Storm. My father, aunt and I were headed to Portland to visit my mother and uncle who were both undergoing radiation …

Columbus Day Storm memory: Linda Balzer, Corvallis

I was 4½ years old, and remember it pretty clearly. I remember watching my Dad through the big family room window. He was out in the pasture trying to push and prop the wooden fence back up so our cattle would not get out. He was standing at a 45-degree angle and pushing with all his might. …

Columbus Day Storm memory: Douglas Bauer, Albany

I was a freshman at Portland’s Central Catholic High School when the 1962 Columbus Day storm hit the area. My father, mother, sister and I lived on Walnut Drive, atop Mount Scott, on the west side; we had a big, 4-by-8 picture window facing due west and one could see Lake Oswego from our fro…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Andy Bell, Corvallis

I don’t have any pictures but I wish I did. But I do have a little memory of that day. I was 5 years old and in school at Adams grade school.

Memorial Day Storm memory: Steve Binney, Corvallis

As a junior at OSU on Oct. 12, 1962, while walking through the storm that afternoon returning to the Sig Ep house from classes, at the center of the MU quad I noticed a large tree ahead looking very much like it was going to split and fall across the path where I intended to walk.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Jay Burreson, Corvallis

I was in physical chemistry lab at OSU on the afternoon of Oct. 12, 1962. I remember we had to take a reading of the barometric pressure using a mercury barometer, and the reading was so low we thought there was something wrong with the instrument.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Donna Byerley, Brownsville

Oct. 12, 1962, was the same as any other, except the air was extremely still. There was not even a whisper of wind. The sky was yellowish green, almost brass in color.

Columbus Day Storm memory: the late Harry Carter, Lebanon

Columbus Day Storm memory: the late Harry Carter, Lebanon

I was a senior in high school at the time. Some of my memories include the following. At the north end of the skating rink (now Primising Motors detail shop) was Donkin’s, a plant and feed store, I believe. I was driving south on Main when a picnic table flew across in front of me and smashe…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Barbara Wallace Cullicott, Lake Oswego

I was walking home from class at Oregon State University when the big gust hit. I had to hold on to a quivering street sign to keep from being blown down. I watched the chimney on the house next door blow over.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Dorothy Dalesky, Albany

October always brings back memories of the Columbus Day Storm of 1962. It was a holiday so the kids didn’t have to go to school.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Judy Middleton DeFord, Corvallis

I was 15 years old, and just out of class at Corvallis High School when the storm really started rolling!

Columbus Day Storm memory: Pearl Doolin, Corvallis

The Columbus Day Storm in 1962 is the most memorable one for me. At that time my husband, Bill Gathercoal, daughter, Diana, and I were living on the ground floor of apartments on Circle Drive in Corvallis. The first inkling of a big storm came when Mildred Gathercoal, my mother-in-law, stopp…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Delma Drinkard, Harrisburg

How could I ever forget the Columbus Day storm on Oct. 12, 1962? Never.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Marian Ely, Corvallis

I was a sophomore at Milwaukie High School, southeast of Portland.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Gladys Finn, Albany

Yes, I do remember the Columbus Day storm. My three teenage children and I lived in Portland in a two-story apartment house.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Joan (Shaw) Hamm, Philomath

My memories of the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 are vivid and extensive; the odd, yellowish color of the southern sky shortly before lunchtime as I walked from the registrar’s office at OSU back to Benton Hall, where I was secretary to the dean of the Graduate School, then finally the eerie qu…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Vera Harding, Corvallis

Let me tell you what I did and where I went the afternoon of Oct. 12, 1962:

Columbus Day Storm memory: Kent Hickam, Albany

I was 12 years old and living on Eighth Avenue in Albany. My twin brother Dave and I shared a Democrat-Herald paper route. At that time, the D-H was an afternoon paper (cost a nickel) delivered Monday through Saturday. Our route covered Fourth, Fifth and Sixth east of the hospital.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Patricia Kirk, Brownsville

Yes, I remember the Columbus Day Storm. My husband Loren, my 3-year-old boys and I spent the night with our neighbors, Charlie and Belle Mischler, in their milking barn.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Kathi (Middleton) Lasswell, Anchorage, Alaska

My name is Kathi Lasswell (nee Middleton) and boy, oh boy, do I remember the Columbus Day Storm!

Columbus Day Storm memory: Mike Martin, Albany

Columbus Day Storm memory: Mike Martin, Albany

In 1962 I was a paperboy with the Democrat-Herald and I had route No. 1. Route No. 1 covered most of downtown (easy for end-of-month collections as business people were always there) and the residential area southwest of downtown (hard for end-of-month collections as folks weren’t always hom…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Christine McDaniel, Corvallis

It was Friday, Oct. 12, 1962, and earlier in the day I told my best friend, “It feels like Hawaii outside!” There was a warm breeze blowing and it felt quite pleasant for a day in October and quite unlike a normal Oregon fall day. Since I’d never been anywhere other than California, I must h…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Nancy McMorris, Albany

We moved to Albany from Corvallis in 1961 and purchased Hurley’s Drug Store at First and Ellsworth streets. We lived in a rental house on West 11th Street with our two small sons ages 4 and 2.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Jackee Mehl, Scio

When the Oct. 12, 1962, storm came, I was a student teacher at Waverly Grade School. As I was leaving and going to my car, hanging signs were twisting as the wind blew.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Tim Moor, Milwaukie

My name is Tim Moore, I was 3 years old and will never forget that day. We lived (I believe) on 16th Street in Corvallis in a white, two-story house.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Frank Morris, Corvallis

That day, I was busy in my dental office. I had a young girl patient in one of the operatories. She had rampant caries in her teeth, and we had prepared five cavities in three teeth and were starting to mix the filling material when the power went off.

Columbus Day Storm memories: Rene and Pam Moye, Corvallis

On Oct. 12, 1962, I was a student at OSU. A few of us were playing pool downstairs in the MU when someone ran down and told us it was very windy outside. We ignored the comment and continued to play pool.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Jim Mutch, Los Altos, Calif.

October 12, 1962. Columbus Day. This was my first year at Oregon State University, having transferred my sophomore year to OSU from Lewis and Clark College to major in pharmacy. I was living at the Theta Chi fraternity house. I had joined the fraternity while at L&C and transferred to OS…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Boyd Nash, Corvallis

October 12, 1962 was a day never to be forgotten.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Viola Nielsen, Albany

October 12, 1962, was a clear, crisp, sunny day. We were living in the little blue house on 18th. Henry, in the second grade at Liberty, needed new shoes – again! Susan, at 4 months old, would go on her first shopping trip. Since it was such a pretty day, Henry would bicycle straight home fr…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Camille Partridge, Philomath

I was still a pretty little kid when the storm happened, since I was born in January 1957, but I have very vivid memories of the storm, though not details like duration.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Nora Sabatka, Albany

I have vivid memories of the Columbus Day storm. I had just moved to Albany in August with my husband, David, and our three little girls (ages 2, 4 and 6) from South Dakota. My husband was the ninth-grade PE teacher and football coach at Memorial Junior High. The school district was building…

Columbus Day Storm memory: David Smith, Corvallis

I was standing in the showroom of Henderson’s Business Machines, where I worked. Around 3 or 4 p.m., I saw a piece of sheet metal roofing fly by the window. Soon after, the electric sign was torn off the building and came crashing down on the sidewalk from the high wind.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Marilyn Smith, Albany

I was a third-grader at Harrisburg Elementary School when the storm hit. The sky had become darker and darker through the day, then about 2 p.m. (as I recall; could be way off), the buses started lining up on LaSalle Street much earlier than usual and Ray Wasson, the principal, was running d…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Noel Storms

Columbus Day Storm memory: Noel Storms

I was 10 years old that Columbus Day. This is the first big storm that I can remember in my life up to that time.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Dick Thompson, Corvallis

I was 11 years old, living in Southwest Portland in October 1962, and I delivered the Oregon Journal newspaper to about 50 customers after school. I would leave Multnomah School every afternoon, ride my bike to the paper office, rubber band my papers, and put them in the paper carrier that I…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Pam Wegner, Corvallis

Columbus Day, 1962. It was my next youngest sister’s 10th birthday. I was 12 years old; my other sister was 6, and my brother was 6 months old.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Wes Weigel, Albany

Columbus Day Storm memory: Wes Weigel, Albany

Columbus Day 1962 I was 12 years old. We lived in a two-story farm house in Lacomb built by my great grandfather Charles Raines. That day will be always be remembered, as there were five in my family, and we were all in different directions that day. I was in school, my brother was in school…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Rod Welk, Lebanon

In October 1962, I was a freshman at Lebanon Union High School. That alone didn’t make me any different than the thousands of baby boomers in school that fall. But two months earlier, I was involved in a basic physics lesson, wherein a 1958 Dodge sedan tried to fuse with a 1962 Honda 50 moto…

Columbus Day Storm memory: George Wells, Albany

Columbus Day Storm memory: George Wells, Albany

I was in the second grade at Sunrise elementary and we were let out early that day because of the coming storm. In walking home with friends we all had our heavy coats on and we could pull them up over our heads and just about fly, so cool for a youngster. Upon getting home I couldn’t wait t…

Columbus Day Storm memory: Karen Wells, Jefferson

Columbus Day Storm memory: Karen Wells, Jefferson

My husband and I had driven into Salem that day, shopping with our two small children, ages 1 and 3. We were pushing them in a stroller on the second floor of the Meier & Frank store.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Gale Wilson, Sweet Home

Yes, I remember Oct. 12, 1962. I was working as a pipe fitter at Willamette Industries Mill at Foster on the maintenance crew.

Columbus Day Storm memory: Lloyd Wright, Albany

I grew up in Junction City and was in fourth grade then. I remember that we got out of school early because of the approaching storm. As the wind began to build my younger brother and I would “sail” our bicycles down our street, using our coats as sails. But eventually the wind got so strong…

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