The defense attorney for a Corvallis man charged with murder said he is waiting on critical information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the case.

The case against William Hargrove cannot proceed without the information, his lawyer, Mike Flinn, said Monday during a status check hearing in Benton County Circuit Court. Flinn did not elaborate on the critical information.

Deputy District Attorney Amie Matusko did not object to scheduling the case for another status hearing on Jan. 22. A trial date has not yet been set in the case.

Hargove has pleaded not guilty in the case. He is accused of murdering a 27-year-old Russian woman named Anna Alekseyevna Repkina, with whom he was romantically involved. Repkina’s body was found in April alongside a logging road near Alsea, and officers arrested Hargrove three days later.

During Hargrove’s arraignment earlier this year, Matusko called the case "a problematic love triangle." Hargrove had been living with two women in two different households and one of them gave him an ultimatum, "her or me, and the defendant decided," Matusko said.

Repkina had moved to the United States just weeks before her death. Investigators have alluded to the possibility that she was a mail-order bride but they have not publicly confirmed that.

Hargrove remains in custody at the Benton County Jail.

Lillian Schrock covers public safety for the Gazette-Times. She may be reached at 541-758-9548 or Follow her on Twitter at @LillieSchrock. 


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