A Corvallis man pleaded guilty Monday in Benton County Circuit Court to attempted unlawful sexual penetration of a six-year-old.

The man, Allen Kenneth Flaming, 35, was sentenced to 35 months in prison as part of a plea deal.

The case involves a child in Flaming's care, prosecutors said. The incident occurred on Oct. 5. Flaming was arrested Oct. 10 and has remained in the Benton County Jail since.

Judge David Connell accepted the 35-month prison sentence proposed by the state as part of a plea agreement in which two charges of first degree sexual assault against Flaming were dropped. The sentence includes 10 years of post-prison supervision.

Deputy District Attorney Kristen Farnworth said in court that Flaming had a juvenile record of sexual assault and despite these convictions foster children were placed in his care. Neither of the foster children he cared for were the victims in the case.

“This is a truly unfortunate case because I don’t think this incident was unforeseen,” Farnworth said.

Farnworth asked that Connell deny requests by Flaming’s wife, Suzanne Flaming, that she be allowed to bring the couple’s children on prison visits.

“The state believes Mr. Flaming is sexually attracted to children,” Farnworth said.

“I would like the door to be kept open to the four of us, our family, to be allowed to heal,” Suzanne Flaming said in court.

Connell declined to allow the children to visit Flaming in prison.

Allen Flaming requested he be allowed to contact his wife while in prison, which was approved by Connell. Allen Flaming made no other statement in the court hearing.

Mike Flinn, Allen Flaming’s lawyer, said Flaming accepted responsibility for the crime.

“He recognizes he needs treatment,” said Flinn.

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