Benton County Circuit Court Judge Locke Williams granted a motion Monday to postpone the criminal trial of an Oregon State University student accused of theft in a widely-publicized dog custody dispute.

Instead, defendant Jordan Biggs and her council will meet with the prosecutor on Oct. 25 to negotiate a possible settlement.

Biggs, 20, took ownership of a husky mix she said she found wandering in Portland last year. She named the dog “Bear” and had him trained as a service dog to help manage her asthma.

She was arrested July 20 on a first-degree theft charge under allegations that she refused to return the dog to Sam Hanson-Fleming of Portland, who authorities later confirmed as the dog’s legal owner. The dog had jumped a fence and went missing. By chance, Hanson-Fleming spotted the dog in line at a drive-through coffee stand when Biggs was visiting Portland in May. He immediately recognized the dog’s distinct markings as his dog, “Chase,” when he saw him in Biggs’ vehicle. He confronted her and after initially agreeing to return the dog, Biggs refused, and the dispute began.

Corvallis police seized the dog, but before it could be released to Hanson-Fleming, Biggs’ attorney, Geordie Duckler, accused him of abusing the animal. The dog was held at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland for almost two months to allow the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office to investigate the allegations. Once the attorney’s office cleared Hanson-Fleming of the charges of abuse and neglect, Judge Williams ordered the dog to continue to be held at the shelter to protect it as evidence in the pending Benton County criminal trial.

On Oct. 4, Williams ruled that the dog should be released to Hanson-Fleming, who picked up the dog later that day.

At a motion hearing on Monday, Benton County deputy district attorney David Amesbury proposed looking into a settlement with Biggs.

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Does this mean that Ms. Biggs is considering rescinding her current civil suit against Mr. Hanson-Fleming? Sounds to me as though her attorney is trying to get her case reduced to a misdemeanor charge so the only "punishment" she gets is probation time with no permanent mark on her record.

This might be alright...IF she drops her ridiculous civil suit against Mr. Hanson-Fleming and gives Chase up for good and ever. I have a feeling though, that she is still trying to get Chase back. The community backlash would be immediate if such a total miscarriage of justice were actually to occur.


She should get at least as much jail time as this selfish little, sorry BIG dog thief forced poor Chase to have at the humane shelter, almost 3 months. Who is this brat and her family so connected to that they are trying to get Chase back from his rightful owner, yet attempt to escape the felony she is charged with, and rightfully so! In her own lawsuit, she claims the dog had temporary collar and tags that someone else put on him the day prior. Yea, how many of you keep collars and spare tags around, so when you find a lost dog, you just slap them on him, and send him onto his wanderings, without trying to take it into a shelter. Same day she found Chase, who did have a collar and tags on him, she ignored them, and up and moved him from Portland to Corvallis. While Chase's owner is putting up lost dog signs, going on Craigs List posting lost dog, and calling the shelters. He tried to find his dog, but as a certain dog thief up and moved him a ways from his real home, he was unable. Pure theft!


Time for settlement arrangements is long past due, Biggs should of tried that instead of having her douche bag attorney file a motion to keep Chase locked up for 3 months and level abuse allegations against the rightful owner. Allegations mind you that credible or not had absolutely nothing to do with her theft of the dog other then to harass the person she victimized with her criminal conduct. She did not take the dog to protect it from so called abuse.... she had no clue as to who she was stealing the dog from. That Benton County DDA needs to hear from the public regarding his wanting to look into a settlement....... he needs to be looking into adding more charges... hindering.... witness tampering......addition theft charges..... charges for damaging property i.e. the removal of certain reproductive parts.... then there is her trying to get Chase Microchiped and registered as her dog after Hanson contacted police.... is that not perpetrating an act of fraud to further engage in an act of theft.......... Just saying there is no reason to offer her a settlement or chance to plea out to lesser charges. This is not a weak case and Biggs actions dictate a severe consequence.

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