LEBANON - A California girl who was struck by lightning while she slept in a tent at her grandparents' Lebanon home was listed in good condition late Wednesday morning.

Alexi Myronenko, 8, was jolted Tuesday morning when a bolt of lightning struck a fir tree. The electricity traveled through the root system into the tent where it entered the girl's ear and exited through her thigh.

The large tent remained standing Wednesday morning under the stand of three majestic firs on Tucker Lane.

Vic Myronenko, the girl's grandfather, said Wednesday that he had not spoken with his son and daughter-in-law that morning, but there was a good chance that Alexi would be getting out of Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland on Wednesday afternoon.

"She was sitting up in bed and walking around the room (Tuesday) night," Myronenko said of the report he had received from his son, Destry Myronenko, and daughter-in-law Katie. "We were just getting ready to head up there."

The grandfather said all the tests came back positive and that the only injuries seem to be burns where the electricity exited her body.

Destry Myronenko and his family - which also includes another daughter, Makayla, and son Justin - had been visiting the children's grandparents for two weeks and were scheduled to head home Tuesday morning to Bakersfield, Calif.

Monday night, Destry and his three children got settled in the tent before their long trip home the next day. The mother stayed in the house.

Shortly before 7, the lightning burned a hole in Alexi's pillow before entering her body. The other three, still on their air mattresses, were unscathed.

Vic Myronenko said the girl was unconscious and not breathing when her father carried her into the house.

She was taken to Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital and later transferred to Doernbecher.

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