Foundation hands 'pork' award to city

2012-10-05T11:15:00Z Foundation hands 'pork' award to cityBy JAMES DAY, Corvallis Gazette-Times Corvallis Gazette Times
October 05, 2012 11:15 am  • 

The city of Corvallis has been received a “Porker Award” from a foundation that scrutinizes how governments spend tax dollars.

The award from the Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation claims that the city has spent federal grant money from the Environmental Protection Agency for 18 months while coming nowhere close to achieving its goals.

Corvallis received a three-year $492,000 grant from the EPA in 2011 to help set up programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation executive director and former state Rep. Jeff Kropf said in a press release that Corvallis has spent 40 percent of the grant money but is less than 1 percent of the way to meeting its key goals.

“How many more government-funded ‘green’ programs have to fail before the taxpayers demand this type of waste spending stops?” said Kropf.

Corvallis begs to differ.

“The Corvallis community is recognized nationwide as a leader for its sustainability efforts,” said Public Works Department Director Mary Steckel. “Corvallis is one and a half years into the three-year grant period, and as we all know, innovative solutions take time to reach maturity.

“Even though these programs started from scratch, we’ve already seen successes in our outreach efforts that have engaged vendors, residents and both high school and OSU classrooms. To date the grant has provided 16 community jobs (the equivalent of 4.25 full-time employees) and those folks are working to educate residents on how to reduce their carbon footprint to save money.

“We are a grateful recipient of the federal grant and are excited to make progress toward energy efficiency and conservation in our community.”

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  1. TheRealJules
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    TheRealJules - October 05, 2012 3:27 pm
    And liberal political groups have no agenda, organ?

    Sixteen whole jobs, "educating" the ignorant citizen in the proper way to do things.

    Who pays for these sixteen jobs when the grant ends? Or do we expect to be feeding from that particular trough for a long time?
  2. organikbeaver
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    organikbeaver - October 05, 2012 12:40 pm
    Why would the GT even publish an article like this. The Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation is a conservative political group with an agenda. Why did the GT not go into details about this group and their political beliefs? Looks like James Day needs to do more research about this horrible group.
  3. curious one
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    curious one - October 05, 2012 12:07 pm
    Sorry, the city has said nothing here. Why didn't the reporter ask just what has been done. Like what they have taught anybody. It is pretty simple to slow the carbon footprint of anyone:
    get all your groceries once a week (stay out of the car)
    don't drive unless you have to, car pool, bus, walk, bike
    make sure bus service goes where needed and when needed
    don't buy/use what you don't need - furniture, paper, clothes, etc.
    look back 60 or so years and see how things were done and pretend you are there and do it
    the writer with the 2x yearly garbage pickup has the right idea - recycle and re use and don't throw it all away
    Christmas is coming, do you really need all that junk? to travel all that far? to wrap all that much? Can you make your kids some toys? Remember it uses oil to ship from China and elsewhere.
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