I have figured out the secret to Donald Trump. And I must credit Fox Sports for helping me see the light. It’s all about sales. All about sales. All the time.

I saw a Fox Sports ad during Tuesday’s game one of the World Series. It noted that the network was getting ready to air the GREATEST WEEKEND EVER.

On the menu for said greatest weekend are: a Saturday college football game between Penn State and Ohio State plus game four of the World Series; and a Sunday pro football game between the Cowboys and the Redskins followed by game 5 of the World Series.

OK, I’m betting already you can see a couple of problems with this. Yes, Penn State-Ohio State is a good matchup. But it’s not a national title game, it’s not the 1971 Oklahoma-Nebraska “Game of the Century.” No. 2 vs. No. 6 is cool, but Ohio State already has a loss for heaven’s sake.

Also, the Cowboys and Redskins, albeit a matchup with lots of history behind it — emphasis on behind it — is a battle of mediocre teams (combined record 6-6).

And, and this is the one that kills me, on Tuesday when the ad aired there was no guarantee that there would be a game five of the World Series. Yes, a sweep was unlikely, but you never know.

But none of these things mattered to Fox. They had the GREATEST WEEKEND EVER. On their network! Oh, frabjous day, calloo, callay!!! Did any one at the network raise his/her hand at any of the meetings and ask, “Hey, guys, how can we do this? None of this is true.”

And, ultimately, the truth does not matter here, either. Fox Sports is selling its programming (in more ways than one). Doesn’t matter what yours truly — or anyone else — thinks. They have the GREATEST WEEKEND EVER.

And it’s a total, total lie. Utter hogwash.

Which brings me to Trump. Whether you agree with his politics or not he often says things that are not true. My tax plan is the best in American history. My administration has done more for veterans than any other. My real estate company is one of the best ever. This condo has the best view ever of the fourth fairway.

He is a salesman. His product, ultimately, is himself. He believes in himself, thus his sales pitch always glows and gleams with hyperbole that is histrionic, unbelievable and, at times, grotesque.

But he believes America is having its GREATEST PRESIDENCY EVER.

So get used to this stuff. It’s isn’t going away soon.

No charge.

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