The Corvallis City Manager’s office announced Tuesday that 27 people have joined the Oregon State University-city of Corvallis collaboration project’s three work groups.

The announcement is another step forward in the three-year partnership between OSU and the city to resolve issues fueled by the university’s explosive enrollment growth in recent years. Complaints have ranged from streets crowded with parked cars, landlords turning single-family homes into overcrowded student rentals and noise from late-night partying.

After signing a memorandum of understanding last fall, OSU and the city agreed to form a steering committee and split the $300,000 collaboration project. In addition to forming the work groups, the collaboration staff have since hired a project manager — local planning consultant Eric Adams — and contracted with Group McKenzie, a Portland-based traffic engineering firm.

The parking and traffic, neighborhood planning and livability work groups will gather data through neighborhood meetings, compare data with current city and university policies and make recommendations to the collaboration effort’s 16-member steering committee. The steering committee then will make formal recommendations to OSU or the city on the provided recommendations.

The work groups contain members of the steering committee, OSU students and employees, community members living adjacent to campus, former city councilors and planning commission members, rental housing owners and managers and city advisory board and commission members.

Parking and traffic

Chairman: Steve Clark, OSU vice president for university relations and marketing; members Gary Angelo, Courtney Cloyd, Jerry Duerksen, Rainier Farmer, David Hurwitz, Stan Nudelman, Matthew Palm, Dawn Thomason and Brandon Trelstad.

Neighborhood planning

Chairwoman: Patricia Daniels, community member and former city councilor; members John Corden, Betty Griffiths, Frank Hann, Eric Hansen, Tony Howell, Lyn Larson, Mike Middleton, Jim Moorefield and Michael Pope.


Chairman: Dan Schwab, director of OSU’s student conduct office; members Tammy Barnhouse, Charlyn Ellis, Judy Gibson, Karen Levy Keon, Phil Histand, Victoria Nguyen, Jim Patterson, Robert Reff and Tyler West.

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