The Collaboration Corvallis parking and traffic workgroup meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Osborn Aquatic Center, 1940 N.W. Highland Drive, to discuss on-campus car policies and bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The panel will review a draft recommendation on an Oregon State University assessment of the potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing a policy banning freshman students from bringing a car to campus.

Also to be discussed is a draft recommendation that would have OSU and the city jointly direct a safety examination of primary bicycle and pedestrian routes to and through campus as well as a safety analysis.

In addition, the workgroup will review a recommendation that would call for the university to study the feasibility of remote parking lots for students, as well as a proposal on the parking shuttle system on football game days.

The workgroup’s recommendations will be heard Sept. 18 by the steering committee for the project, which is examining neighborhood issues stemming from OSU enrollment growth.

All recommendations must go to the Corvallis City Council and OSU leadership for final approval.

Here is a look at other meetings:


• The Philomath City Council will hold a workshop at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 980 Applegate St., to discuss its process for replacing City Manager Randy Kugler, who has announced plans to retire.


• The Commission for Martin Luther King, Jr., meets at 5 p.m. at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, 645 N.W. Monroe Ave.

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If I was looking at universities and I saw that OSU did not allow freshman to bring a car to campus, I would not even attempt at applying there. What if a freshman has a family issue that comes up in the middle of the night requiring them to leave campus? Pretty difficult if you are not allowed to bring your vehicle. OSU is trying to become so much like a commuter college and it just isn't going to work. The more you take away parking within campus the more parking issues you are going to have in neighboring streets. Build another parking garage to supplement all of the parking you are taking away, or make the City have more city transit routes that frequent campus more often. This is a disaster waiting to happen.


I agree. Corvallis is in the middle of nowhere. Oregon is in the middle of nowhere. Because short- and long-range public transportation is a complete joke, everyone needs a car.

Do proponents think that the lives of freshman will somehow be enriched by denying them access and the right to personal transportation?

curious one
curious one

How about those who have to work? What's the problem with OSU? It has plenty of land. Where was the planning for all these kids/cars/bikes/housing when they decided they wanted to grow like a blackberry?

Wouldn't it be better to just have ALL university employees park off campus? That would include "all", right from the top down!


The most logical, fair solution is for OSU to provide at least two large off campus parking lots with continuous shuttles to and from campus. Stop the parking district insanity, stop the unfair idea of some residents paying to park on our public streets. We already pay for our streets via property tax! OSU brought the students here. OSU and the students have created the parking/car problem. They are responsible for a real solution.


You seem to have a very clear understanding that Corvallis residents are separate and distinct from "OSU and the students."

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