Oregon State senior WR Markus Wheaton is ready for a big season. Check out my main story in Wednesday GT to read more about him.

"We all expect Markus to have a big year, especially Markus," WR coach Brent Brennan said. "We expect him to be an all-conference type player each week, making plays and finishing plays. We expect him to be a leader."

 Here's some more from Wheaton that didn't make the story.

How's practice going?

"I think it's going pretty well. The enthusiasm was up. The focus was there. We feel good, there's confidence. Everyone is confident with the new guys coming in and the returners."

What are your expectations for the year?

"I'm going to take it game by game. I'm excited to get to that first game. We are focusing on the details and I'm focusing on what I have to do."

How has QB Sean Mannion grown from last year?

"He has grown mentally and physically. The chemistry is better. He stayed here and did stuff over the summer. He wasn't thrown into the fire like he was last year."

Is the 3-9 season in your mind?

"It hurts. We've been feeding off it every day. The offseason was long. We are anxious to get out there and redeem ourselves."

 Here's a leftover thought from Brennan about the WRs.

"The group is really talented. That's dangerous. If they don't work that talent doesn't mean anything. Our expectations are they are an integral part of our offense. They have to contribute a big way when they are out there.

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