We moved to Corvallis from Houston. My husband grew up here and I've enjoyed visiting since 1981.

We found a house on the edge of town; a quick bike ride to open spaces such as the covered bridge and the bike paths out of town.

We naively thought that Witham Oaks was public land or land belonging to OSU and assumed that the worst that would happen would be farm animals using part of the land.

When development was announced, we joined others concerned with stopping the building of a new neighborhood.

The destruction of Witham Oaks and its wonderful oak trees and wetland; the needless extension of Circle Boulevard and the loss of a green area can never be reversed.

With the news of Campus Crest, a company from outside of Corvallis, interested in building enough units to sleep 1,000 students, we are shocked to think what that will do to Corvallis.

One thousand people equals 1,000 cars, and if most of the residents go to OSU, how are they going to get there?

Can Harrison handle that kind of traffic?

Picture a parking lot the size of that at Timberhills Shopping Center. Now imagine it on the green space known as Witham Oaks Natural Area. Put into the picture enough three-story apartments to sleep 1,000 students.

Please try and find a way to keep Witham Oaks as a green space for the community. We fail to see how a Campus Crest development is a triple win for Corvallis.

Victoria Bryhan

Stefan Seyb





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