Regarding the ongoing discussion on bicyclists and traffic flow, Mr. Badham (Letters, April 22) felt offended by my comments and perceived lack of evidence. My sincerest apologies. However, I would like to refer Mr. Badham back to his own letter.

In it he makes the wildly ridiculous claim that injury sustained from impacts at 35 mph and 60 mph are not that different. I would contend to Mr. Badham that putting such an ill-informed statement in a public forum was perhaps ... premature.

In my response, I pointed Mr. Badham to two places where he might learn about the consequences of his type of riding behavior and how the physical world works around him. Fate merely provides us with opportunity. If we are reluctant to take that opportunity it is nobody’s fault but our own.

Noel Caddy

Corvallis (April 22)

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