Letter: Romney closed Albertson’s? Seriously?

2012-10-29T09:00:00Z Letter: Romney closed Albertson’s? Seriously? Corvallis Gazette Times
October 29, 2012 9:00 am

It can’t be! Can you believe?

No, I’ll take that back. I can believe. A favorite neighborhood store, Albertson’s, closed. A letter to the editor suggested this community disaster was caused by Mitt Romney!

Nothing about failed economic policies and promises of President Obama’s past four years. Tell me, please, about any positives from Obama’s time in office, at home or abroad.

Give Romney his due. Starting with literally nothing, he helped build many businesses and created jobs for our industrialized nation and became wealthy doing it, as did others. If the enterprises failed or didn’t come up to expectations they were closed down and/or replaced. Isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

If employees fail to come up to snuff they are let go or replaced. With this thinking President Obama is not cutting the mustard and should be fired or replaced before our nation goes under.

Please don’t tell me it’s George Bush’s fault, nor faults of President Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, ad infinitum.

Romney’s self-made wealth and record in Massachusetts stands with the Kennedys who, incidentally, inherited their assets. Democratic aspirant John Kerry married into his riches.

How does Republican affluence so differ from those of the Liberal-Democratic line?

I prefer the Conservative road to prosperity. Progressives spend too much time blaming others and the past for not attaining goals and promises. It’s like wishing in one hand and promising in the other: one seldom filled, the other keeps coming up empty.

Chuck Wenstrom, Corvallis

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  1. curious one
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    curious one - October 29, 2012 6:41 pm
    Chuck, you are either uninformed, have lost it with age, or are a liar. Which is it?

    Mitt Romney inherited from George, you do remember George don't you, born in Mexico so couldn't be President, from a father who wanted a harem and had to move to Mexico to get it! Now you have to admit inheriting money isn't exactly starting with nothing.

    Next, who said Romney had anything to do with Albertsons pulling out? Haven't read that one, so tell us.

    What has Obama done here or abroad? First, got us out of Iraq, you do remember that illegal and unnecessary war Georgie started don't you? Ah yes, that frees up troops and money. He bumped off Osama in case you forgot, the guy who did us in on 911 (they say the B vitamins are good for you as you age, help with memory). He's also taken out many of the top terrorist leaders. He doubled down on Afghanistan so we could finally get out of there, the surge troops are out and the rest to follow in 2014! (you did listen to the last debate where Romney agreed with that didn't you?) He's put very heavy sanctions on Iran so we aren't in a ground war with them, killing our kids (maybe doesn't matter to you other's kids die in useless wars). He's cooperated with Israel to keep the lid on much of the ME problems and has gotten praise from them for his work in that area. Got a treaty with the Russians signed.

    Interesting, Colin Powell, someone knowing more about world problems than obviously you do Chuck, has found time to praise Obama. And, Powell is a republican!

    At home, the private sector is not losing jobs by the thousands as under Bush, but have picked up some 5 million new ones. We've got some regulations on banks and wall street. Don't ask don't tell is out, so your kids can now serve openly in the military and don't have to hide in your closet any more! We've gotten regulations requiring banks to change practices and must disclose their charges to us and allow higher interest payments to be made first (important to small businesses, which he's helped in many ways). There's a long list on line, in case you could read and check it out, of what Obama has done.

    Your SS checks are still coming aren't they and Medicare is still paying for you isn't it? Means the country is still solvent and our payments to China are down about 10% (bet you didn't know that).

    Romney has NOT CREATED ANYTHING, no businesses and you know it. He's a VULTURE capitalist, not a venture capitalist and there's a big difference. He gobbles up companies, has them fire people to cut costs, borrows on them, takes his cut and hands the loan back to the company to pay off. That's how it works in a nutshell. He eats some companies for personal use and offshores to China. When those employees are let go, you and I pay the taxes that pick up their pension costs, because Romney doesn't.

    I'd suggest, Chuck, that you look up Sensada in Illinois (freeport), and see what Bain is doing to those folks. And no, Romney does NOT have a blind trust, he just put it in Ann's name is all, still has all the information on it and is still listed as the chief of it!

    Here's some good reading, google "Bain Capital, Romney, Paul Singer, Delphi Co.". Nice guy, vote for him, mice tend to seek out other mice.
  2. Dave Muckey
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    Dave Muckey - October 29, 2012 4:52 pm
    Mitt Romney most definitely had a lot more that "literally nothing.". What codswallop you believe in.
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