Regarding the March 23 article, “U.S. intel: water a cause for war in future”:

Ninety percent of humanity lives within 50 miles of a coastline. Salt water can be converted to fresh through the simple, low-energy processes of evaporation and condensation, especially solar desalination.

Years ago I sent UNESCO a blueprint for a solar desalination design completion. A prize of $100,000 would be awarded to the engineer who created the best solar desalination system on a municipal, village and individual scale. No response yet.

For a large-scale solar desalination system, football field-sized basin barges painted black could heat salt water, causing evaporation. Tilted glass panes could condense the evaporation and direct it into pipes along the lower side. These barges could be anchored off the coasts where fresh water is needed. More barges; more clean water.

Solar-driven pumps could boost the water via pipes to onshore storage facilities for drinking and irrigation.

Fresh water is a vital need, an essential resource. Whoever designs the solar desalination system will undoubtedly make a fortune. Perhaps a Corvallis engineer, or Oregon State University graduate?

Reed Behrens


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