He didn’t know about Solyndra. He didn’t know about Fast and Furious. He didn’t know about Benghazi. He didn’t know about the IRS. He didn’t know about the NSA. He didn’t know about the problems with the rollout of the ACA. He has feigned outrage and disappointment, vowing to get to the bottom of many of these issues. Really?

The AFC was funded with $6.8 million of our tax dollars and contracted to a Canadian company with a not-so-stellar track record. Isn’t America the home of Silicon Valley? And isn’t this the candidate that drug Romney over the coals for outsourcing?

It is reported that 300,000 Florida residents are losing their health care insurance due to the promises that they would be covered by the ACA. Employers and insurance companies are dropping their policies.

If, just for once, the administration would have manned up and admitted there were problems and delayed the rollout, perhaps these people would not be in this predicament. Protecting presidential ego at the expense of us peons is despicable.

This administration continues to move from scandal to scandal. Never resolving, or putting closure to any of them. The next one just overrides the one before. No resolution, no truthful answers. Out of all the issues identified above, no one has been held responsible. The president continues with his standard reply, “I didn’t know.” I tend to think he has had that line etched on his teleprompter for future reference.

Barbara Casali-Mingus

Albany (Oct. 24)

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