Mailbag: Give them hard labor

2013-05-05T09:45:00Z Mailbag: Give them hard labor Corvallis Gazette Times
May 05, 2013 9:45 am

Our legal system, in handling criminal cases, is a disaster and completely dysfunctional.

All one needs to do in order to obtain government largess is to commit a crime, the more terrible the better, and after we spend multi-millions of dollars to convict him, we sentence him to jail.

Upon his arrival he receives three meals a day, complete housing, water, exercise, free medical care, free legal help and the benefit of unlimited appeals.

Based on our experience with Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan, it could cost us mega millions.

This is being done despite the fact that millions of lower- and middle-class, good, law-abiding citizens, are burdened with massive medical, housing and child care bills. For those without jobs, it is much worse.

I have heard a number of people state that the death penalty does not work. That’s a lot of baloney! It does work, provided we carry out the sentences. Our current forensic science is so good today that it is impossible for us to execute the wrong person. Appeals in death sentence cases must be limited and sentences carried out swiftly.

Those soft heads who complain that injecting the medications into the killer during execution is a form of torture aren’t thinking straight. Seconds after the injection the recipient is dead. Dead corpses have no memory of pain or distress.

Reforms of our penal system should include hard labor and very little of the comforts of living. They should be charged for the costs of their incarceration even if uncollectible. And the debt should follow them for the rest of their lives until paid.

Jail time should not be a country club experience.

Allan Jay Silver

Albany (April 28)

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