Mailbag: Support Catholic bishops

2012-10-07T08:15:00Z Mailbag: Support Catholic bishops Corvallis Gazette Times
October 07, 2012 8:15 am

The U.S. Catholic Bishops are trying to help us. We are at a crossroad of losing or religious freedoms in this country. They need our support; we need theirs. By not helping them now at the ballot box, we may not hear of the truth again.

Jesus told his disciples, “He who hears you hears me; he who denies you denies me and the one who sent me.”

He revealed everything to his apostles that through his church his word would be proclaimed throughout the whole world, passed through their successors; down to this very day we still hear his voice through his bishops, priests and deacons.

Hear the truth before it’s too late; know your history. This nation was founded on Christian beliefs. Read what Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, all those that signed the Declaration of Independence had to say about Christianity.

Vote according to Jesus’ teachings through his church. Will we leave our bishops standing alone? Will we set the light up high for all to see or let it fall into darkness? Will we allow this country to be defeated by evil forces? Don’t let the government tell us when, where or how we can serve and worship God.

David Neuman

Philomath (Sept. 30)

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  1. 9Yok-Te
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    9Yok-Te - October 09, 2012 5:00 am
    Christianity holds no spiritual truth, only lies, cheating, thieving and murders. Christianity is definably anti-spiritualism. I find the religion guilty and its practitioners shameful, no exceptions.
  2. curious one
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    curious one - October 07, 2012 9:06 pm
    Jesus never spoke of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. Get over it, never happened. If the Jesus depicted in the Christian bible were here right now, he'd vote for Obama who is trying to help the poor and needy, the disabled, the elderly. He is trying to get healthcare to another 30 million people. And, he is requiring preventive care, and yes, it does include birth control.

    Why, well in addition to it being used to treat certain diseases, it prevents pregnancy. There are times when one cannot safely be pregnant, and there are times when one cannot afford to be pregnant. Got it Neuman? Dad may not have a job, mom may be ill, or they already have too many kids.

    You should know better than to lie about this country being built on Christian anything. Read my friend, read, Try the agreement this country signed saying it was NOT a Christian nation (Tripoli).

    You stay in your church, I was there, they never taught what you are selling. Only a few old men is all. They stopped Priests from marrying because of GREED. They were paying out too much (well too much for the greedy old ones anyway) for care of women and children and what happened when the Priest retired! Look it up and stop the lies. Remember, Jesus didn't think you should lie. Quit picking and choosing on a political basis!

    Remember the separation of church and state and render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. We don't want an Iranian form of government here.

    Besides, you should keep up with the news, seems the Vatican now says Priests don't work for it - so how can the bishops? Your kind of letter gives the Church a bad name (of course it pretty much did that for itself with the child abuse)
  3. Anti_Religion
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    Anti_Religion - October 07, 2012 10:53 am
    You want us to support a religion that allowed its clergy/bishops to abuse our children? And then once the cat was out of the bag, they mostly ignored it and worse yet said we won't do anything unless the clergy man is a repeat offender.

    The drafter is a perfect example of dumbing down its membership. The church took its brightest out of the mainstream and then mandated they must be celebit which denegrated their gene pool, they effectively dumbed down their organization, they did so, in order to control the masses.

    And the jesus, thing; it's all made up, made by the pedophiles you are asking us to support, have you lost your mind?

    If someone actually read what it said, to paraphrase it says, there will be two messiahs, one from the house of Yosef and one from the house of David and they will come on the heel of each other. Meaning, the messiah from the house of Yosef will die in the war and immediately after his death the Moshiac Ben Dovid will usher in 1000 years of peace. On the heel doesn't mean 2000 years later. Someone in valley needs to be able to read Hebrew and Aramaic, then help the christian write his letter, guaranteed it will read differently unless he is a victim of the Helsinki syndrome.
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