This Sunday I was treated to three editorial columns about the Obama-Romney debate. This wasn’t surprising. What was surprising, and annoying, was that the three columnists appearing in my Sunday paper were George Will, Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer. That’s right. Three strong conservative Republicans, all saying what was essentially the same thing. In three-part harmony.

Now, I wouldn’t object to any one of these three on his own. But I have always felt that a Sunday opinion page (particularly when its Mid-Valley Sunday, which covers two communities, one leaning right and one left) should give readers a range of political opinions— not just one opinion in an echo chamber.

I know Democratic opinion columnists exist. So do independent, moderate ones. What I can’t understand is why Mid-Valley Sunday doesn’t think its readers should hear their voices too.

Kristen Rosser


(Oct. 7)

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Kristen…..the liberal left wing biased side in the paper can be found in the section they call “the news”.


Funny, isn't it, Kristen, that the obviously Republican writer called Monica2 calls left wing people biased? Especially when the whole Sunday editorial page is completely slanted to the right, with the commentors you mentioned. And that's not biased. Right. As a matter of fact, I noticed the same thing that you did, last Sunday. Thanks for saying it "out loud".


Today was refreshing though--George Will advocating for breaking up the big banks! It's rare that I agree with him on much of anything, but he was spot on today. Go George!!

curious one

Care to elaborate MONICA? Or is it past "lights out" time again. Left wing is biased only to the truth - look it up "t r u t h", you might find it under "opposite of right wing rhetoric".

Maybe 3 vs 0 is due to ownership! Perhaps a right wing there? Or, maybe it takes 3 to put out all those untruths from the right. Learned as a kid, always tell the truth, then you don't have to worry about remembering what you said. Romney has a real problem there, he can't keep the lies straight and changes them every so often and then changes them back - like pro choice. Oh well.


Just curious, Curious--Is there anything you don't comment on? You are a bore.


Thanks for writing that letter Kristen. I was thinking the same thing myself after reading last Sunday's editorial page.
I thought the editorial department might loosen up a bit once Haso Herring left. Maybe the paper is trying to compensate for his missing conservative column?
It's ironic really. The GT asks us to vote for extending the levy so our city government has the funds needed to fulfill the functions of government yet they carry syndicated editorialists who make their living by bashing government.

curious one

Gee BYTHEWAY, I can't be a bore because YOU always read what I write.


Yeah, BUT GEORGE WILL ADVOCATED FOR BREAKING UP THE BIG BANKS!!! Can we get past the right-left garbage and work towards a better future? Once in awhile? Or is your ego too fragile to handle it?

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