In response to the recent letter from Michael Stillman: Like you, I worry about my finances, but you are missing the important point: What is going on with this country?

It appears that the 35 percent who support our national disgrace are not worried about what this racist, sexist bully is doing to this country! It just seems to me that if more people were worried about what he is doing to the moral fabric of our country and speaking up, maybe something may change.

What disturbs me the most is that folks who call themselves Christian are backing our national disgrace, the least Christian person in America! How can Huckabee Sanders stand there and call herself a Christian and back a racist, sexist bully?

Current times remind me more and more of the fall of Rome, when personal interests of politicians won out over the best interests of the people.

John Larsen

Corvallis (Nov. 19)


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