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Money from the National Rifle Association and the lack of effective gun legislation are inextricably linked, so who dirties their hands with gun money is essential information for the 2018 elections. Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkely, and Rep. DeFazio do not. But your voice still counts if you have acquaintances in other states.

From the list in the Feb. 21 New York Times, the following U.S. senators, whose seats are open in the November election, take up to $500,000 in NRA donations, “but refuse to take action to pass gun safety legislation”: Flake (Arizona), Wicker (Mississippi), Fischer (Nebraska), Heller (Nevada), Corker (Tennessee), Cruz (Texas), Hatch (Utah), and Barrasso (Wyoming). Not yet up for re-election, these senators accept $500,000 to over $1 million in NRA donations: Cotton (Arizona), Garner (Colorado), Perdue (Georgia), Ernst (Iowa), Roberts (Kansas), McConnell (Kentucky), Cassidy (Louisiana), Tillis (Nevada), and Capito (West Virginia).

Every one of these named senators is a Republican. The only Republican senators who do not take NRA money are McCain of Arizona and Toomey of Pennsylvania.

All US representatives are up for re-election this November. A total of 226 representatives made the NRA money list — all are Republicans. The biggest takers were from Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, important states for 2018 election action.

We must elect women and men who refuse gun lobby money and are willing to pass legislation to control guns designed solely for the purpose of killing people. Remember: Follow the money. Disseminate the data. Get out the vote.

Anne Filson

Corvallis (Feb. 26)


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