The United States is good at destabilizing other lands (Iran?), probably because it’s highly unstable itself, and besides, this provides good cover for ongoing mining of the health and wealth of U.S. middle and working classes, pillaging our environment, unjustly treating women, the poor, racial minorities, and the other major and minor minorities — business as usual!

Being male, I belong to the largest minority, while majorities now include the poorly-informed and noninvolved, who naturally agree on most things. Being highly critical of "the government" (you know, “the government” — yeah, that one!), science, or political representatives without talking or listening to them — provides nifty excuses to avoid positive political action, which could lead to a democracy. Scary.

Also, you’ve probably noticed, many "out-there" extremist, drop-dead uninformed people don’t like being "political," so they just act independently crazy, and in mentally tough situations, revert to comforting thoughts of firearms or defense via stereotype or epithet. Most have a vocabulary of about 56 words, up to 100 in court.

They don’t use broad-based arguments, reliable sources of information, natural limiting factors, corrected statistics, and details, but do know, and this is key to current ‘conservative’ thought and understanding — that Barack Obama is the source of all evil. Was. Still is. Also, unions!

This is easily verified by flipping on Rush Limbaugh, who confused the accumulated federal debt and annual budget deficit and two other things in the 2.5 minutes I recently gave him. Yes, it’s true! He’s an idiot!

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (Jan. 9)


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