Throughout history, religions have demanded sacrifice to their deities. Sometimes the sacrifice was life. It’s often money. Other times, just giving up ice cream for Lent.

During these times of disaster, I would like to suggest that religious and nonreligious citizens make a sacrifice and donate to our fellow citizens who need help.

If you are in a family, get everyone together and see what each person is willing to do without for a week or month. Ice cream? Lattes? Manicures? A night at the bar? Eating out for lunch? A movie?

Take the money you would have spent on something nonessential — and send it to organizations that are trying to provide the essentials to our fellow citizens.

As a family, search the web and decide which group you want to help. You may want to focus on helping fellow Oregonians dealing with fire or our neighbors in the east and south who are recovering from floods and winds.

Whether you are religious or humanist, we all need to recognize the desperation that many people are facing.

America wasn’t built on guns and guts. America was built by neighbors helping neighbors. And whether we take a spiritual or humanist view, our neighbors are our fellow human beings — no matter where they live

Will Reid

Corvallis (Sept. 8)


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