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I was present at the Oregon State University women’s basketball game against the University of Southern California. It was a tough match and a hard-fought win.

Then I read that racial slurs may have been spoken to USC players as they left the court. This is totally unacceptable at any venue. This also reflects very poorly upon Beaver fans and OSU in general. I only hope they are able to identify these idiots through the help of other fans. Once identified these idiots should never be allowed to any Beaver event again.

I also hope the OSU administration puts out a statement reflecting the best of Beaver behavior. Perhaps the women’s team as well as Coach Rueck can let the fans, the general public and OSU know that this type of behavior is not acceptable at any venue.

Keep racism out of Gill; it tarnishes a wonderful team and fan base. To think that the final home game of OSU women’s basketball season turns into this is disgusting. Beaver fans are the greatest and let’s keep it that way. I say kick out the racists!

Philip Plaza

Alsea (Feb. 20)


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