In the midst of political correctness it appears both the Oregon State University and the University of Oregon have missed the big picture. A football game is called a “Civil War.”

Not only is this not politically or technically correct, it is an affront to the individuals who gave up their lives for the future of this country. People living in the East understand the impact of a Civil War since they can visit the sites where Americans died on a real battlefield. They also know there are significant adverse impacts from that war.

At a time when those who fought and died for their beliefs are having their statutes removed, it seems inappropriate for two outstanding universities to use the term “Civil War” as an advertising gimmick. It is time to call the game what it is — the State of Oregon University Football Championship. An appropriate trophy could be developed based on the outstanding attributes of the state of Oregon and then awarded to the winner of the contest.

Perception is important and currently the perception created by the title of this football contest is misguided and needs to be changed.

John Todd

Corvallis (Sept. 11)


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