The Voters Pamphlet for the Jan. 23 vote on Measure 101 is so confusing you need to be very careful to read all of it. It is so confusing that the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that the ballot title could “confuse” or “mislead “voters. Two arguments in opposition are included in the Arguments in Favor section and are titled “Argument in Favor.”

Voting "no" on Measure 101 repeals the health care tax. Voting "yes" upholds the health care tax.

My first question is how does taxing health care make health care more affordable?

My major concern is the pick-and-choose method of deciding who pays the tax and who is exempt. If Measure 101 passes, those who pay the tax include schools. (That money comes out of the classrooms. Obviously schools have lots of extra money.)

Others who pay are college students, nonprofits, small businesses, the self-employed, select hospitals, and individuals who are uninsured or who buy their own health plans.

Who won’t pay health care taxes if you vote "yes?" Large corporations and unions. Insurance companies can pass the tax through to their customers so it does not affect the company.

Vote "no" to repeal this inequitable tax. There are Oregon legislators ready with a replacement bill that will make the tax fair.

Remember, "no" means to repeal the tax on health care. "Yes" means to continue to tax health care.

Charles R. Nelson

Corvallis (Jan. 4)


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