Placing cellular towers 35 feet from city parks and within residential areas is not necessary for providing adequate cell service, so why is Verizon trying to do this in Corvallis?

It seems like this second try by Verizon is determined to pre-empt a multiyear process by the Corvallis Parks and Rec Department to consider increasing development setbacks from city parks. The city of Corvallis should not allow this zoning variance (Verizon wants to put a 66-foot tower in a residential area zoned for 30 feet max) for two reasons. First, there are nearby industrial areas that could fulfill the engineering requirements for cellular service and would clearly be a better fit for the noisy generators this tower requires. The Corvallis Land Development Code directs wireless service providers to "look at industrial areas" and “to keep telecommunication facilities away from residential and sensitive areas.”

Second, the Corvallis Parks and Rec Department zoning plan process should be honored and new development close to parks should be delayed until those new rules are in place. Short-circuiting our community planning process to put 66-foot-tall wireless towers near our city parks (Porter Park in this case) and within residential areas does not promote the livability of our city.

Keith Olsen

Corvallis (Jan. 8)


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