You have to love the irony: Corvallis restaurateur Cloud Davidson was forced to submit to some self-appointed political commissars who are themselves more than likely Caucasian, apparently feeling it necessary to assume someone else’s offense and outrage in Davidson’s choice of tacky, if otherwise harmless, lounge theme. Talk about your cultural appropriation: Since when has it become a white social justice warrior’s job to determine what somebody else ethnicity should take cultural offense at?

As ridiculous as these situations are in today’s society, their effects are particularly chilling. One could picture a newly chastened Davidson on his knees as he tells his minders through the Gazette-Times: “This whole thing was humbling. I learned way too many lessons.” All for not consulting with fringe outside groups in what lounge themes are acceptable.

“It’s like it never happened,” Davidson is quoted as saying hopefully as he removes the remnants of politically improper tiki décor. There, see? Perhaps his minders will forgive him and find something else in which to be offended. Davidson had fallen from grace, and subsequently lashed back into compliance. That should serve as an adequate warning for the rest of you. You have all the freedom of innocently unintended, inoffensive self expression a handful of zealots say you have.

Harry Mallory

Corvallis (Sept. 13)


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