We just got our third food drive request this week.

• On Saturday, Oct. 28, a group from Crescent Valley High School came collecting in the evening. They did not even have a container to hold what they collected; we had to provide them with a bag.

• Monday, we got a notice from an Oregon State University group saying they would be collecting on Halloween. They came.

• Today we got a notice that Community Services Consortium and Linn Benton Food Share will be conducting the 37th Annual Community Holiday Food Drive On Nov. 11

Three food drives on our block in one week. Is anyone communicating about all these drives? I know from the days when our Camp Fire group collected food that our neighborhood is very generous with food donations, but three drives in one week on the same block? Is this only in our neighborhood, or is it everywhere in the city? It could end with people not wanting to donate to any group.

We appreciate the efforts of those who want to collect food for the needy. We do make annual monetary donations to Linn Benton Food Share and buy a couple of items each week just for food drives, but three drives in one week on the same block? Maybe there should be a communication center so that those wanting to collect food can check to see what other food drives are happening on a specific date and in a specific neighborhood.

Louise Marquering

Corvallis (Nov. 4)


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