By some estimates, there are about 243 homeless kids in the Corvallis school system.

Take a moment, please, to consider the Christmas these kids will experience. No tree, no gifts, no Christmas dinner.

Then consider the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Trump to decorate their home (the publicly owned White House in Washington): There are 53 Christmas trees, 71 huge wreaths, 12,000 ornaments, and a 200-pound gingerbread reproduction of the White House. And of course thousands of other trinkets and baubles.

So take one more moment to envision the Christmas experience of Barron Trump, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

Then reflect on where we went off the rails in this culture, that we can allow 243 kids in our community to be homeless and one warped couple in Washington that spends millions of tax dollars on baubles as a display of their lack of taste and ethical standards.

I'm truly embarrassed to be an American.

Kirk Nevin

Corvallis (Nov. 28)


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