President Trump's totally transparent tactics for sidelining science have scored some troubling touchdowns. His administration's game plan is having serious effects on the game of life we're all living and playing.

Some of the tactics Trump's administration is using to sideline science include the following: Sideline advisers who know something about science. Appoint advisers with conflicts of interest. Leave key positions vacant. Revoke long-standing safeguards. Misrepresent climate and other science facts. Weaken science-based health-protecting standards. Alter or delete science content from federal websites. Reduce or hinder public access to information. Restrict federal scientists' ability to speak publicly. Create a hostile environment for science researchers and staff. If you'd like more information about these issues and more, go to

All these actions have created an atmosphere that leaves many of us scientists nearly breathless. It's an atmosphere hazardous to the physical and mental health of all of us, the plants and animals we need to keep us alive and well, and the planet in general.

If you think having access to pollution-free air, water and food is a good thing, let Trump and his administrators know that you object to their efforts to sideline science.

Stewart Holmes

Corvallis (Dec. 13)


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