My wife pulled into a parking space at Trader Joe's. Before she got out, a young man pulled up in front of her and flipped her off. He wanted the spot she took even though the parking lot was half empty. Flipping her off seemed OK. He surely didn't expect a woman to get out of her car and respond. How might someone with road rage have responded? Smashed his lights out? Pepper sprayed him? What did this sane person do? Nothing. She shook her head in dismay and went shopping.

That altercation made me think of President Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. One of Trump's many faults is that he's apparently not mature enough to not respond to perceived insults and threats. Trump has “road rage.” What should Trump do about North Korea's provocations? In my opinion, nothing. Shake his head in dismay and do something constructive, perhaps engaging more constructively with the Chinese.

Why? Because what are the alternatives? Invading North Korea would result in the end of civilization as we know it. What are the North Koreans going to do on their own? Invade South Korea or Japan? Bomb San Francisco? Not! Why? Because if they did, Trump would order the armies to bomb them back to before the Stone Age.

So if you're worried about Trump's potential for road rage, let him know. Suggest he shake his head in dismay and get to work on problems here at home and do something constructive.

Stewart Holmes

Corvallis (Sept. 8)


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