Trump is a fraud but his presidency is no laughing matter. Anyone who thinks he’s doing great should sober up and think about reclaiming their rational thought process ASAP.

Failing reassessment of support for the illegitimate con artist as president, these people should voluntarily yank their own voter registrations like Trump, Kobach and company did to over 1.1 million legitimately registered, minority and young voters whose registrations were likely canceled in the "Great 2016 Election Heist."

It’s why Trump started a phony voter fraud investigation — to divert attention from his own real efforts as election fraud kingpin along with Kris Kobach, evil mastermind of the CrossCheck vote-stealing scheme and now ironically czar charged with investigating voter fraud, plus 29 Republican secretaries of state who cooperated with the CrossCheck voter fraud misidentification scheme.

Trump and Kushner’s efforts to collaborate with the Russian government and intelligence could be impeachable offenses but are fundamentally less important than the massive, organized, and probably felonious suppression of legitimate votes and registrations in the 2016 election heist.

You think I’m kidding? Lists of names of legitimately registered voters targeted for cancellation under this secretive program (Operation CrossCheck) were eventually unearthed. According to election fraud expert Greg Palast, 1.1 million registrations of minority and young, strongly Democrat-leaning voters were canceled to allow Trump, lacking the legal votes, to edge out Clinton, who should have gotten enough electoral votes.

Congress, stop your partisan dilly-dallying! Investigate Trump and Kobach for real world election criminality!

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (Aug. 28)


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