I had believed that President Twit's exposure to the human suffering of those driven from and losing their homes and lifelong treasures, if not their loved ones, as a result of Harvey's fury would jumpstart his innate humility and empathy. There was an inkling of this on his second trip to the Gulf Coast.

However, Mr. Trump's Sept. 5 decision to scrap DACA has me siding with Kenneth England who argued (in a Sept. 3 Gazette-times letter) that the president is not endowed with those compassionate attributes.

DACA has been working remarkably well, and the current threat to dislocate wannabe Americans is uncalled for. This action seems to be a part of Mr. Trump's vendetta against his predecessor that has dominated his first months in office. His vanity would be better served by abandoning this vendetta and attempting to make his own mark. It's not too early for him to consider his legacy as president.

So, my first bit of unsolicited advice is that he accept what is and request that Congress incorporate DACA in forthcoming immigration legislation. That would allow him to concentrate on a top legacy item: quieting the U.S.-North Korea rumble. Kim Jong Lin is as fearful as all other leaders in this extremely troubled world. He parades his power to tell us all that North Korea is not to be trifled with.

All leaders are prideful and resent anyone who talks down to them. Bullying is a lost cause. So, my second bit of unsolicited advice to the president is that he send a personal telegram (or the 21st century equivalent — a tweet, perhaps) to Kim Jong Lin stating: "COOL IT!; LET'S TALK".

Mike Wolf

Corvallis (Sept. 8)


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