Proposition season is coming up and so are attempts by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) union to get the rest of us to pay for their salary increases and outrageous benefits in Oregon's Public Employees Retirement System. (See articles published in the Gazette-Times on July 31 and Aug. 29.)

Unions were valuable 100 years ago to protect workers from excesses of company management, but now we have laws that provide these protections and unions have become self-serving entities with value only to their members and sometimes not even that.

I have been a union member and have managed in union companies. In the former, I paid union dues and got nothing for the money. In the latter, I had to spend a large percentage of my of time dealing with frivolous union grievances.

The SEIU is right up there with the longshoremen's union in its disdain for the general public. They are only interested in filling their own pockets, hopefully at taxpayers' expense. Despite all the good things they claim to do for the rest of us, they are only interested in themselves and their actions show it.

Jay Burreson

Corvallis (Aug. 29)


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