Contrary to what a few people are saying, passage of Measure 101 will NOT affect insurance premiums for PEBB-covered workers (state, city, county, school employees). The PEBB board wisely addressed its Measure 101 1.5 percent assessment by paying its share out of reserves, not by raising premiums. Most insurance companies did the same, and most hospitals did likewise to absorb their minimal cost assessment of 0.7 percent.

PEBB's sign-on with Measure 101 means Oregon will leverage even more federal funds for our Medicaid program, helping the elderly, children, and those unable to afford medical care. In fact, schools, cities, counties, and state workers would likely be hurt if Measure 101 fails. Not only would many lose their health care, but the state could redistribute funds away from local governments to replace some of the most critical Medicaid losses. The "no" side has specifically said they want to cut public workers' health care benefits. A "yes" vote protects health care. Please join me in voting yes.

Ed Curtin

Corvallis (Jan. 5)


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