What has happened to the America I knew and loved? The middle class which I am a member of is under assault and by our own government.

We were promised during the election that we would have health care that would be both better and cheaper. All that was offered was removal of what we had. Our right to equal internet service has been taken away. Science can no longer investigate independently but must do so “in consideration with community standards and wishes”. Certain words cannot be used. Anything the president disagrees with is ‘fake’ news. His aides do not even brief him on certain topics because he might fly into a rage.

And now the tax bill. Only 28 percent of taxpayers approved of it but no matter. Paul Ryan has assured us that we will like it once we see those temporary and paltry increases in our pay checks. Apparently he thinks we are not intelligent enough to see that any gains we have are temporary although those for the wealthy are permanent and generous.

Our president is an object of ridicule here and around the world. Yet our elected federal representatives, both Republican and Democrat, raise no outcry. In January 2010 our Supreme Court approved Citizens United, allowing corporations to be treated as citizens and contribute any amount of money to a political campaign. Gerrymandering took care of any voting power individuals had left. Do we matter at all? How can we have a voice ?

Elizabeth Bargsten

Corvallis (Dec. 21)


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