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Guiding principles of the Corvallis City Council list five areas that establish the moral and ethical standards that it follows in order to establish and maintain an honest and transparent operational process.

Let's review:

Collaborative decision-making: enhance and support community-driven democracy in city government. Ensure each participant listens and attempts to understand different view points.

Diversity: seek viewpoints from all.

Openness and respect: promote a fair, open. respectful process that allow all that are interested or affected to have equal opportunity to participate.

Inclusiveness: Create a variety of ways for community members to participate.

Accountability: Use decision-making processes that are transparent and that create decisions that can be tracked with clearly defined responsibilities.

So when we review the plastic shopping bag ordinance and look to see if the city is following its own guiding principles accountability seems to be limited.

We can track the fees given to private retailers but the city will not bother to check and disclose. They don’t clearly define who is responsible nor do they hold the ordinance accountable or transparent.

So, why is the City Council refusing to do any tracking of the fees collected by these private retailers? Does the city already know how much shoppers pay for paper bags, but don’t want us to know?

Why the refusal to review the ordinance? Any councilors willing to respond? Are any city councilors willing to publicly address this money issue? 

Milt Weaver

Corvallis (Feb. 22)


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