From the Past: Timber sale in 2007

TEN YEARS AGO: Scott Ferguson, from left, of Trout Mountain Forestry, Corvallis Public Works Director Steve Rogers and logger Chris Bush, of Philomath, look over the Corvallis timber sale in August 2007 on the northeast slopes of Marys Peak. Bush and his father, Steve, won the low bid to cut timber on the remote 30-acre site using minimized impacts through technique and equipment. (Published Aug. 31, 2007, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).


100 Years Ago


FIRE: Several small forest fires, evidently of incendiary origin, are burning along the Philomath-Alsea road, seven miles southeast of Philomath. The farm home of R.W. Lance was threatened with destruction, but neighbors summoned by rural telephone, after working most of the day, kept the fire from the buildings. Fires were started in at least half a dozen places along the road within less than a mile. The fire which threatened the Lance farm buildings is the only one which attained any size, but the others are yet burning. Men fighting these fires reported a larger forest fire burning on Beaver Creek a few miles south. (Published Aug. 28, 1917, in the Oregonian, Portland).

ROBBED: The Philomath Post Office was entered Monday night and robbed of such loose change and stamps as was lying round about, and that wasn't very much. The robber entered through the front door and went out the back window. Sheriff Gellatly went over to take a look and he and the Philomath police force are laying schemes to land the miscreant. (Published Aug. 29, 1917, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

FISHING: Mrs. Ella B. Jones has a good fish story. She says that the tomcod are so plentiful near Newport that a party of three out in a small boat recently caught three fish every minute with two hooks on a line until they had 300 fish on wires to be salted down. Mrs. W.H. Boles, of Philomath; Mrs. A.M. Gray, of Philomath; Mrs. Horace Underhill, of Summit; and Mrs. Guy Frink had cottages this year at Newport. (Published Sept. 2, 1917, in the Oregonian, Portland).

75 Years Ago


BRIEFS: The Pentecostal Church of God was destroyed by fire recently. ... Elden Bowen was accidentally killed Tuesday morning in the Rex Clemens logging camp on Alsea mountain. ... A number of young people of Philomath held a party recently at the J. Thomsen picnic grounds in honor of Hal and Eunice Goodrich, who are leaving to live in Portland. (Published Aug. 29, 1942, in the Eugene Register-Guard).

15 Years Ago


CURFEW: The Philomath Police Department and Philomath school officials are working toward the same goal: keeping students in the classrooms. The police are hoping to aid schools in that effort with a proposed curfew that would results in citations and fines for those found off school grounds without permission. The proposed curfew is currently in the hands of the Philomath City Council for a vote. If passed, the curfew ordinance would apply only to Philomath school students and only on days when school is in session. Students violating the curfew, according to a recent draft of the ordinance, would pay a fine of up to $200. Without the curfew, police have little authority in getting the truant students to attend class. (Published Aug. 30, 2002, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).


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