From the Past: Tom Phelps

TEN YEARS AGO: Tom Phelps took over as Philomath Fire & Rescue's fire chief in August 2007. Dale Staib, who led the department for 13 years, retired in July.


100 Years Ago


FIRE: The house of S.D. Clark near Philomath was burned Saturday afternoon with almost a total loss of household goods. The fire started from sparks from the kitchen flue. Mr. Clark had many valuable relics of revolutionary days, all of which were lost. (Published Aug. 9, 1917, in the Oregon Daily Journal, Portland).

GOOD ROAD: Motorists making the trip from Philomath to Newport, Lincoln County's popular seaside resort, and who went over the road in previous summers, have difficult in recognizing the route. This is now one of the best mountain roads in Oregon, so far as being overcome by planking. Newport and Nye Beach have many miles of plank roads, giving easy access to the many beauty spots and to the beaches. These delightful spots' seaside drives, leading to Agate Beach, Cape Foulweather lighthouse, the Punch Bowl, Otter Rock and other places, make a trip to Newport well worth while and thoroughly enjoyable. For those who want to camp, there are dozens of attractive camping places in Newport and Nye Beach, where good water and many other good things are available. (Published Aug. 12, 1917, in the Oregonian, Portland).

WINNING LITTER: Ira Smith, of Philomath, was the owner of a pig last week. Now he owns an even dozen — a sow and her litter of 11 of the prettiest little pigs in the country — "every one fit for the show ring," says L.J. Allen, state pig club leader, and member of the OAC faculty. Young Smith got his brood sow from A.W. Fischer, the Corvallis flouring mills man, on the terms of two pigs from the first litter of the sow. The first farrowing brought 11 pigs but an unexpected storm caused the loss of them all. Following this, Smith paid cash for the animal and grimly set himself to make better provision for the care of his stock next time. So successful was he that of the 12 farrowed, only one was lost, and the 11 are on the high road to prosperity. (Published Aug. 8, 1917, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

75 Years Ago


COMMISSIONED: Oswald West Webb, of Philomath, has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army following completion of officers' training course on Aug. 1 at the ordnance training center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., according to word received here. He was inducted into the Army in July 1941 and before entering officers' candidate training, he served as a mess sergeant. (Published Aug. 9, 1942, in the Oregonian, Portland).

HEADED EAST: Mrs. Helen Watson, who owns the Orange Owl restaurant, has been accepted into membership in the WAAC and will leave for Fort Des Moines, Iowa, soon. Mrs. Watson is the first woman in Benton County to enter this branch of the service. (Published Aug. 11, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

RESIGNATION: Ralph Walker, who is now employed in the fire department at Camp Adair, has resigned as assistant fire chief and city recorder. His successor has not been chosen. (Published Aug. 11, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

FLAG POLE: Frank Hyde has offered the firemen a flag pole to be erected in front of the city hall. It will be erected soon and the flag will be flown from it each day, weather permitting. (Published Aug. 11, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

Compiled by Brad Fuqua of the Philomath Express.


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